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News Archive 2007

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Paper is  ….  On the occasion of its 10th Birthday PaperBag’s founder Sally Swain reflects upon some personal milestones in the history of the troupe’s conception, birth and development.

1993   My intro to Playback.

    I am transported.

1997   PaperBag PlayBack is born.

    Paper is a field of potential.

2001   There are stories of shock, lostness and anger.

    Paper is fragile.

    PaperBag PlayBack seems to be falling apart.

    Paper is for wrapping up.

2005   We are performing fairly regularly.

    They love us.

    We love them.

    Paper is for creating life.

2006   Yes. We have Grown Up. And yes. It has been painful.

    Paper is organic.

March 2007   It’s our 10th year.


    Paper is flexible.

    I am overcome by a surge of love and admiration for the performers.

    Blown away by the dedication and commitment of each troupe

    Member to what Jonathan Fox, chief originator of Playback Theatre,

    calls an ‘Act of Service’.

    Paper is strong.

August 2007  We let ourselves just be together.

    Celebrating the transformative power of sharing stories.

    Paper simply is.


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Play-Back to the Future.  Today’s large scale environmental, economic and socio-political changes are shaping tomorrow’s world.  What might these future worlds look like, and what it might be like to live in them?  A recent creative collaboration between PaperBag PlayBack, futurist Janine Cahill of Future Journeys, and internationally renowned cyber-artist Jim Sullivan sought to explore these questions.  By bringing a variety of scenarios to life through playback, it was possible to examine not only pictures of these possible futures but also the feelings and responses associated with living in such worlds.  With these playback enactments captured on video, the ultimate intention of the collaboration is to develop an interactive experience that will stimulate and challenge people to consider the future implications of current choices and responses. Currently editing and development is in full swing, so stay tuned to “Out of the Bag” to find out how you can experience the fruits of this collaboration.



PaperBag Draws Dan.  For more than 4 years now Dan Collinson has been an enthusiastic improviser. Being introduced to Interplay in 2003, and Contact Improvisation in 2005, his passion for creative, authentic expression has grown and developed, drawing him to Playback Theatre in late 2006.  "Deep down, I believe that everyone yearns for what they say to be heard and validated. In Playback Theatre, you see this in action, when what you share literally comes to life!" Dan works as a Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor, and also teaches Interplay to both children and adults.



Nicole Continues Creatively.  Nicole Venditti’s creative career began with singing lessons at age 9 and performance at 10.  This was followed by dance in her early teens and drama at the age of 17.  Today, in addition to a performing repertoire that encompasses pantomimes, talent quests and musicals, Nicole also plays the piano and writes her own music.  She performs professionally throughout Australia with The Tivoli Variety Show, and in 2007 gained a nomination for a “Mo” award.  Nicole continues to advance and broaden her skills through her Music Theory studies at the Conservatorium of Music, and her work with improvisational theatre.



PaperBag at Peats Ridge Festival.  Summer recess rarely means a complete break from performance for PaperBag.  This year the troupe was amongst the smorgasbord of performances at the Peats Ridge Festival, offering both a workshop and performance to festival goers.  The Tiny Grand, an open-air venue set amidst larger, sound amplified stages, presented the troupe with a very different space for playback.  In rising to meet the challenges of the space the troupe was supported by an extremely generous and appreciative audience, and a lively and story-filled performance ensued.  Even though there is nothing quite like being at a live performance you can capture some of the essence of PaperBag's workshop and peformance at Peats Ridge by visiting our photo gallery 



Meet Bec, one of our new players who always loved singing, creating and performing original plays.  She is also passionate about the Earth and Indigenous issues and by the age of 17 knew her path was to educate and entertain for healing.  Weaving these life strands together with her four years of training and performance with ATYP and HSC drama, Bec went on to complete a B.A. in Theatre and Political Science.  During her time at university she developed her concept of ‘edutainment’, with rallies, fundraisers, universities, trains and festivals all becoming her stage.  Bec continues striving to achieve her vision in a variety of ways, including being public officer for Eco Warriors for over 5 years, a scholarship with Pact Theatre, a Dip Ed. in Social Science/Drama, training in Deep Ecology, and her regular participation in the New Zealand Playback Summer School.  She loves playback because it brings all these elements together.



And Warren, who is a counselling psychologist with a passion for intuitive and improvised theatre.  He has focused on performance that captures personal experience through various expressive media including physical theatre, dance, spoken word and acrobatics.  For Warren improvised theatre captures a creative flow that is present both to the actor and the audience member.  “It is charged, emotional, evocative, and often humorous and playful.  I want the audience to leave my performances, having engaged in a unique personal experience!"  Warren has been with PaperBag since early 2006.

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