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paperbag playback is now OUT OF THE BOX THEATRE!


About Us


Out of the Box Theatre Company

Out of the Box Theatre Company is a troupe of improvisational performers specialising in the use of playback theatre to spontaneously re-create peoples’ individual stories and life experiences. The company is a member of the International Playback Theatre Network (IPTN) and operates as an incorporated non-profit association.

Originally founded in 1997 by Sally Swain and Julia Dilli as Paperbag Playback Theatre, it was primarily a forum to practise the art of playback.  The overriding thrust of the group at this time was on sharing stories and engaging in playback for each other.

Since then the company has evolved to focus more on performing and outreach work, and in 2008 changed its name to Out of the Box Theatre Company to reflect this evolution.  The company currently offers 4 public performances a year, as well as undertaking commissioned performances for groups and organisations with a strong emphasis on community.

They [the actors] displayed extraordinary inventiveness, empathy, understanding, imagination and co-operation. And they were funny when appropriate. This kind of theatre takes courage…… I applaud their commitment and energy. And their professionalism.

Martin Wesley-Smith, East Timor Benefit Performance

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